We design and manufacture galvanised cases for housing, packaging, storing, handling and transporting ceramic sheets of all shapes and sizes.

Further information

Large format ceramic sheets are increasingly in demand in the building cladding sector. Nowadays, the dimensions of the available sheets offer a wide range of options and highly prestigious applications: however, it remains fundamentally important to ensure that storage, handling, transport and unloading phases are as well-organised as possible.

All these delicate operations were performed either using the traditional wooden trays or vertical packaging frames.

Until now!

In fact, in collaboration with various ceramics manufacturers, Cima has developed and patented the innovative reusable, modular galvanised case: a solution capable of satisfying every possible requirement, even in the case of large format ceramic sheets. These made-to measure galvanised cases represent the ideal solution for housing, packaging, storing, handling and transporting ceramic sheets, including large format sheets.

CIMA galvanised steel cases protect the integrity of the contents, creating a fireproof casing designed to protect against shocks and impacts. The fireproof design eliminates the risk of fires in the storage warehouse and transport container.

CIMA galvanised cases may also be used to transport a larger number of sheets than similarly sized wooden frames and trays; in addition, thanks to their modular design, it is also possible to stack multiple elements so as to optimise transport and storage space.

Their reduced size and the fact that they may be reused for multiple handing and transport cycles represent significantly greater amortization, with respect to traditional systems, and significant savings over the short term.

CIMA galvanised cases are non-toxic and neither generate nor harbour micro-organisms. Unlike the commonly employed wooden cases, frames and trays, they are also 100% recyclable: a green choice for your business!

Technical specifications

  • Width: 1802 mm;
  • Length: 3396 mm.
  • Width: 1402 mm;
  • Length: 2596 mm.

We produce customised cases based on the dimensions of the sheets.